This is an fan fiction idea by User:Anonymous230385.

NOTICE: This is all fan fiction and is not intended to resemble anything similar in the real world. If so, it is purely coincidental and completely unintended on my part.

Phase IEdit

Chapter I: Welcome to a changed worldEdit

The year is 2020. The world has become a very different world following the assassination of the Russian ambassador to the United States and the United States envoy to China.

While still not using nuclear missiles as a result of the No-first-use policy, all three countries fire EMPs over their respective countries, resulting in blackouts over China, Russia, and the United States. Without power, all three countries resort to Cold War-era tactics, including mass amphibious assault.

Rico, now 50 years old, is still not employed by The Agency, but is rather, a mercenary for them that generously doesn't accept pay due to previous assignments wit them. The Agency dispatches Rico to infiltrate Russia and China and if possible, assassinate their leaders, seeing as he had no problem dispatching three previous heads of state.

Rico travels to Japan, and from there, Rico boards a CH-11 Eagleclaw and sets out for China.

Chapter II: Normandy revisitedEdit

Day 1. February 1, 2020. Rico is on the helicopter when anti-air flak hits the helicopter. It seems the Chinese had no problem identifying a fake helicopter from a real one.

Rico is tasked with defending the helicopter at all costs. Unfortunately, some anti-air missiles appear and Rico is forced to dive out before the helicopter explodes.

Rico lands in the water and dives out of the way as the helicopter skeleton crashes down. Rico, utilizing previous gadgets from previous assignments such as the Wingsuit and Grappler, manages to evade much anti-air flak before his Wingsuit is caught by a stray round. Rico still manages to land on the coast, only to face a very eager battalion of Chinese military.

Well, that sure looked like Normandy revisited. Heck, that was Panau revisited! grumbles Rico as he starts engaging the Chinese military.

Chapter III: Ghost in the MachineEdit

Day 1 evening, with a heavy rainstorm underway. February 1, 2020.

Rico, despite putting up a formidable defense, is captured.

While on the way to a military base for detention, one of the guards, speaking English (albeit not perfectly), asks "What were you thinking? First, your country disables our power grid, then you by yourself attack all of us? I mean, attacking our power grid only delays our road to victory, but you? Attacking an entire army? Are you crazy?"

Rico: "You. Have. No. Idea. What. I. Have. Done."

With that, Rico's activates his grappler and in a quick-time scene, slams both shoulders into both guards flanking him, then fires his grappler into the guard in the front. The driver is momentarily distracted, enabling Rico to kick him out.

This action does not go unnoticed. Rico ducks down as a storm of bullets riddle the vehicle. Rico, in his typical bravado, stunts to the roof, and grapples both military vehicles into each other.

The convoy jacking not only gets noticed, but provokes a response in the form of a Chinese military helicopter armed with missiles and machine guns. Rico: "There's my ride!"

Minutes later, jets are scrambled to eliminate Rico. But before they can fire on Rico's jacked helicopter, they are destroyed themselves. Rico looks around. There is a trail of smoke coming from the ground, but there's no one there.

"Hmm... I wonder who that could be..."

Chapter IV: Intelligence trollingEdit

Day 5. February 5, 2020.

Rico is flying around when he suddenly obtains heat level 5. It seems a Chinese civilian noticed his helicopter flying a bit low and decided to call the police, which called the military.

After evading and successfully destroying around 10 helicopters, Rico's helicopter finally starts to steam and Rico, seeing the military base in the distance, decides to kamikaze it into what appears to be a very high tower.

Inside the military base, alarms begin to sound and soldiers begin to scramble to counter any boarding attempts. What they did not anticipate was a huge helicopter crashing its way into the command post.

After collision, Rico emerges from the helicopter unscathed and starts fighting his way up the tower. There is light resistance, due to the fact that it is night time and many soldiers were asleep before the alarm went off. At the top of the tower, there is a locked door. Rico picks up a GE-64 leftover from his days in Medici, and plants it. He detonates, and a quick-time event starts. Rico charges in and fires into everyone, killing them all.

"Well... this isn't helpful... everything is in Chinese..."

"I'll just tamper with the instruments then"

*Bright light appears outside*

"What the? Is that supposed to be a-"

*Explosion with blue sparks and everything goes dark*

"Rip. My Grappler needs to recharge."

New mission objective: Defend the tower until Grappler recharges.

10 soldiers appear at the door which Rico entered, only to be mowed down. Grappler charged 33%.

20 soldiers appear at both doors, only to be mowed down again. Grappler charged 66%.

40 soldiers appear at both doors plus a tank. Grappler charged 97%.

Rico manages to jump out of the tower and fire his grappler just as the tank fires into it, destroying the helicopter skeleton, but also crippling the tower integrity. The tank is crushed by 50 tons of concrete and steel.

Rico walks out of the military base with a paper in hand showing a map of the mainland United States.

Chapter V: The one who knew too muchEdit

Day 10. February 10, 2020.

It was only a matter of time before the base destruction was noticed by the Chinese Military, but by then, Rico had long disappeared.

Rico is reading the map in a alleyway under a light. The writing is all in Chinese, but he manages to discern what appear to be targets. All 50 capitals of the 50 U.S. states are marked with something round, but Dallas, Texas, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA, are also marked.

"Hmm... I wonder why they might be marked..."

Rico just barely manages to shove the map into his pocket before a sword comes cleaving down, barely missing him.

"Ninjas. Someone clearly wants me dead."

In fact, 5 other ninjas had appeared over the rooftops. 3 of them had SMGs, while two others had what appeared to be similar looking grapplers.

(5 minutes later)

The 5 ninjas are dead and the leader (the one who attacked Rico) is bound to a pole, at risk of death of any moment.

"Eh well, I'm not sure if you understand or even speak English, but tell your superior, use more overt methods next time. Because frankly, I hate ninjas."

*Sound of both hands being chopped off*

Rico walks off into the distance.

(Many hours later)

Day 11. February 11, 2020.

Rico is walking along a street in the middle of the night when two black vehicles appear out of nowhere. Out come 9 ninjas, plus the someone who looked suspiciously like the head of state to China.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You wanted to know who "the superior" of this ninja is. Well-"

"It's you. And frankly your English accent could pass, but is still somewhat accented."

"You said you hated ninjas. Well I will tell you what I hate: BEING INTERRUPTED! 杀了他 (Kill him)!"

Chapter VI: And Yet, Still You FailEdit

Day 11 evening. February 11, 2020.

Rico, with the two scavenged grapplers, beats back the 8 bodyguards, but the 9th ninja (the injured one) somehow manages to pull off a shot, critically wounding Rico.

"You see, I do speak and understand English. You may not have known it, but I was following you ever since you landed on the coast.Now, we shall part ways. You will die for your crimes, and I will get my hands back. You see, you have failed... again."

"Oh yeah? How are you going to kill me when all your digits are missing?"

With that, in a quick-time event, Rico grapples a grappler, grapples the gun out of the Chinese leader's hands, jumps up, slams that grappler into the handless ninja, and pins the head of state to the ground.

"Any last words?"

"Yes... and yet, still you fail."

Rico failed to notice the Chinese leader had what appeared to be a detonator in his hand, and it pressed.

All over China, nuclear missiles suddenly became active, and fired towards the 50 capitals and 3 cities.


This chapter will never happen in reality. China has pledged to the "no first use" policy of nuclear weapons, meaning they will never use nuclear weapons unless directly threatened. In reality, China has pledged never to use nuclear weapons.

Chapter VII: Death is no DisgraceEdit

Day 12 morning. February 12, 2020.

Rico knocks out the Chinese leader and throws him into a river, leaving him to die.

He then drives the vehicle to a local military base, kills all the guards, and goes into the same structure as the original one he entered.

Inside, the missile trajectories are shown. Inside, Rico hails Sheldon:

"Sheldon! We've got a little problem. The leader is dead, but not before activating his entire nuclear missile supply!"

"Yea, no kiddin'! What the heck has happened?"

"Ran into... some difficulties. Do you perhaps know how to read Chinese?"

"No, but I could perhaps send a translation manual into your PDA! Stand by!"

*Explosion outside*

"Uh... Sheldon? I'm kind of pressed for time here...!"

"Jeez, slow down, will ya? These things take time to transfer over millions of miles!"

The translation manual arrives. Rico locates a button called "Disarm". Unfortunately, it's locked behind 3 sets of keys.

Rico, undeterred, finds 3 key holes and unlocks the sets. But before he presses it, gunfire erupts from all entrances to the room. It seems the Chinese Military are not too happy about losing their leader.

"Eh Rico? There's a minute left until arrival. Might... want to disarm them... soon"

Rico, now him pressed for time, lays down enough gunfire to kill all the soldiers.

Rico presses "Disarm."

Over the United States, missile explode in their casings, but the EMPs activate all the same, sending the U.S. into yet another Stone Age.

"Whew! That was close!"

"Sheldon? The EMPs should've fried everything!"

"Well for one thing, I'm not in Texas. I'm on a aircraft carrier. Somewhere in the Pacific. Good going amigo-"

"Rico? You still there? Rico! RICO!"

In fact, a missile strike had hit the facility where Rico was.

"Well... death is no disgrace."

(One hour later)

Rico crawls out of the wreckage and makes his way to an airport.

Chapter VIII: Phase IIEdit

Day 13. February 13th, 2020.

Rico arrives at an airport... only to find an extremely angry garrison of Chinese Military.

Well, this'll be fun...

It wasn't. The military charged... only to be pulled back into the middle of nowhere.

What the... what is this? A portal? Like the one in Medici? What is-

Rico could barely react as he is pulled into the portal himself.

Phase IIEdit

Chapter IX: Welcome to the New WorldEdit

Day ???. ??/??/????

Rico awakens. He finds himself in the same place as where he was before the portal. The Chinese Military are there as well, but they are confused as to where they are.

There is still Chinese writing everywhere, but the entire area was deserted. Even the airplanes looked like they had endured some kind of apocalypse.

Rico walked around the city. The city had obviously not survive some kind of terrorist attack, or some kind of scorched earth tactic.

Rico tried to open his CommLink, but it wouldn't. He looked around, wondering if there was even a power source.

Hmm... I wonder if that base is still active.

Rico heads over to the base. He stops just short of it when he hears rumbling. Not an earthquake rumble, but more like vehicles. Rico peaks out a corner.

San Pandici series armored vehicles roared past him just before he was hit. Rico ducks, then silently follows them.

The vehicles arrive at the military base. Out jump... the Black Hand. One of them waves his hand, and the door opens.

The Black Hand... what are they doing in China?

Rico decides to knock on the front door.

Hey. Did you see that?

No. Are you seeing things?

Maybe. I swear I saw someone-AHHH

Rico's grappler makes short work of the door guards.

All units! We have an intruder! Eliminate the hostile immediately!

I'll eliminate all of you. grumbled Rico as he started engaging the Black Hand.

The guards on foot were short work, but one of them hops in the San Pandici M133H and starts firing on Rico. In his typical bravado, Rico grapples to the tank, and looks around for a hatch. He realizes he didn't have to as the driver peaks his head out.

Rico fights his away aboard the still-damaged tower and reaches the command post.

Everything is still in Chinese, but at least the display was finally in English.

Hmm... what have we here...

There is a map detailing the world. America, China, Russia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, pretty much the entire world was dark. However, New York, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, London, Brussels, Johannesburg, and Perth had crosshairs over them.

Hmm... by my guess, those are points of resistance. But then what happened to the rest of the world?

Suddenly the base alarm activated (again).

Warning. Unauthorized user detected. Voice recognition does not match anyone in database.

Hmm... time to borrow a mouthpiece.

This is Trojan Seahorse. Login failed at door.

Roger that. The area has recently been experiencing electrical failures, so it may happen.

Rico looks at the date.

How... how?

The date read 06/19/2025.

Well... I guess I flew forward in time. Welcome to the new world.

Chapter X: Phase IIIEdit

Day 14. 06/20/2025.

Well, I guess I better help out the resistance to the Black Hand here. But first, I'm gonna look around for some gear.

Rico takes the assault rifle off a dead Black Hand soldier and finds a couple of grenades.

Well, tech has not changed much in five years.

*Thunder strikes overhead*

Well what have we here? A new form of armored vehicle?

Rico walks up to the San Pandici series armored vehicles. The words "SAN PANDICI" are prominently blazed across the sides of the vehicles.

San Pandici. Sounds kind of familiar.

Several hours later, Rico inside a San Pandici M133H shows up at Shanghai. The city is still in ruins, but a light can be made out in the distance. Rico goes there...

...only to trigger gunfire from all sides. It seems like a couple traps were sprung.

Rico easily evades them and stops. The gunfire stops, and indistinct chatter sounding like Chinese can be heard.

Hey guys, what's the matter? And do any of y'all speak English?

One of them return You aren't Black Hand?

No I'm not. How long have y'all been holding here?

Rico comes out of the tank. What appear to be the remnants of the Chinese Military surround him.

Who's the one who spoke English?

I am. State your business or risk death.

I... have no business. I was literally teleported here from the past just yesterday.

Okay then... American. You have missed quite a bit.

Where did you learn your English anyway? Oxford? Harvard? Yale?

Rice. Anyway, your country decided to fire on your on us after we fired on you. And then Russia nukes the world while they themselves are nuked. Then the Black Hand comes along and takes advantage everywhere.

Well. Sounds like I need a phase III.

Chapter XI: Time for a changeEdit

Day 15. 06/21/2025.

Rico is making his way around the camp. The Chinese Military had obviously taken a beating. Outdated weaponry from AK-47s to AK-103s lined the hallways. In addition to that, it sure looked like there were more guns than people.

So what happened in the wake of the Black Hand world invasion? Sounds like a lot of things went south.

Right. The Black Hand somehow had forces all around the world. And then when Russian nukes wiped clean the earth, the Black Hand simply took over everything.

Hmm... perhaps this map down south might explain something.

Surely... you are not thinking of going back to THERE?

Several minutes later, Rico, the translator, and a few Chinese Military soldiers were on their way back to the military base Rico had razed. When they got there, the base was still deserted. In fact if anything, it looked like nothing had changed.

Upstairs in the control room:

Ah yes... the crosshairs... those must be points of resistance. By the looks of it, it seems we in Shanghai are the only ones left. You, American, must go to the remaining points of resistance and expand them.

Seconds later, voices can be heard and vehicles are heard. It seems the Black Hand had picked up on a distress signal emanating from this base.

So... you ready for some action?

No. said the translator as he and the other Chinese Military soldiers got into position.

Rico breaks the glass and first, targets the armored vehicles.

They are destroyed, but a San Pandici M133H shows up with the intent of smashing the base into pieces.

It ends up smashing the Black Hand soldiers into pieces. Rico grapples to the tank, quite forcefully evicts the driver and says Haven't lost my touch!

Siege complete. Rico, the translator, and the Chinese Military return to Shanghai.

Chapter XII: The End... for oneEdit

Day 16. 06/22/2025.

Rico and the Chinese Military troops are on their way back to Shanghai when suddenly they are ambushed by another Black Hand patrolling unit. It seems they don't like their bases being taken over.

Rico spots a new vehicle among them: Urga EQ.

Hey! That's what we used back in the Chinese Military! How dare they use our vehicles! shouted the translator.

Oh... then in that case you're getting at least one of them back. says Rico as he grapples to the jeep and kills the occupants.

We can't risk another run back to Shanghai with this many ambushes about. You all might have to relocate to the military base we conquered.

Several hours later, the remaining Chinese Military remnants have relocated to the military base Rico captured. Just when things feel normal however...

Hey, American! We've got a problem!

It was a big one. The screen in the control room showed something aerial headed toward the base.

What is that? A missile? I could divert that into the ground. If it's a helicopter or plane, I could just land it here.

That... is definitely a missile.

Well then... looks like I have to pull off another heroic gesture.

Rico with masterful use of his grappler and wing-suit manages to catch up to the missile. He then with great difficulty literally pulls it in the direction of the ground. Just before it hits the ground, Rico jumps off.

Well... American... you have skills. And you just prevented any chance of the Black Hand invading... by land.


  • The missile sequence was directly inspired by the mission Missile Cowboy from JC3 (if case none of y'all have already made the connection)
  • To clear up any possible confusion over Rico suddenly having a wing-suit, Rico simply "found" one in the base.

Chapter XIII: CounterattackEdit

Day 17. 06/23/2025.

Rico is inspecting the map closely at the captured military base.

Interesting... the Black Hand seem to be sending a lot of their forces our way.

And... you don't seem worried... American

Yeah well considering I did three similar tasks in the past, I'd say I'm used to it.

The screen showed a huge concentration of forces heading to the base. San Pandici series armored vehicles and Urga EQs flanked what appeared to be something colossal headed their way. In addition to those, helicopters now joined.

Great. They've got helicopters. We're done for!

Oh really? Position your men along the control tower. Do not let the Black Hand see y'all.

They've got helicopters! How do we not get seen???

Trust me. I've got ways.

Rico grapples to a nearby destroyed building and recons. The Black Hand force was rapidly approaching.

Rico grapples to a chopper, pulls it into another, and then hijacks the third.

Warning - an insurgent has hijacked one of our choppers! Take him down!

Uh no you are not taking me down said Rico as he flew it to the base.

Well... American. You have only delayed their arrival by a few seconds!

Well they are going to get here at some point anyway. New idea: position your men inside the tower. With completely outnumbered numbers, we can't afford to lose more than 5 people.

Several minutes later, the convoy can be seen from a distance.

Rico grapples to a San Pandici M133H and starts using it against the Black Hand. Unbeknownst to Rico, there are plastic explosives strapped to the seats in the event of hijacking.

Rico just barely manages to grapple to another vehicle before the M133H explodes. Rico repeats the process for all the vehicles.

The center vehicle is not happy. Dual coaxial machine guns fire as rapidly as they can, but they simply cannot hit Rico.

Now... what the heck is this? Rico grapples to the tank.

Big mistake. Bavarium shielding suddenly activates, throwing Rico off the tank.

The tank commander exits.

So you are the one that has been causing all this grief to my men. Well... let's see how well versed are you in martial arts!

I don't think so. I will BEAT YOU like the sorry excuse of a commander you are!

An hour later, the Chinese Military sees the colossal tank arriving. Get ready men! This may be our last battle!

After driving in, Rico hops out of the tank and drags the Black Hand commander into the base.

You... are absolutely useless. That huge of a convoy and you didn't even bother to have even more strong protection.

To the translator: Do as you wish with him. I have no further use of him except as a prisoner of war.

Sounds of blows landing and screams fill the air as Rico walks out of the interrogation room.

Outside, Rico inspects the obviously modified Imperator Bavarium Tank.

Hmm... I wonder where this tank was remodeled. In any matter, this... is mine.

Chapter XIV: Time for a new continentEdit

Day 18. 06/24/2025.

Rico is on his way to the coast of China when he is ambushed... yet again.

An hour later with the ambushers dead, Rico makes his way to the coast.

Well what have we here... looks like a Black Hand naval base. By the looks of it, this may be their main base.

Suddenly spotlights come on all over the base. It seems the Black Hand have found out the ambush failed and were preparing for imminent attack.

So... they are getting ready. Well, they die anyway.

What Rico never anticipated was the gate. 3 layers of reinforced steel coupled with dual machine guns mounted on opposite ends of the gate.

Hmm... that is rather inconvenient. I wonder if there are any explosives around.

Day 19 morning. 1:00 AM.

Hey. Did you hear that?

No. Are you hearing things?

Maybe. I don't know. In any matter, I would imagine that insurgent arriving any time now.

Maybe he died. Perhaps he was wounded.

Maybe. Who knows-

The gate explodes, sending both Black Hand gunners flying into the air.

At the front door, Rico stands tall wielding an RPG M-112.

Well that weapons depot sure came in handy!

Gunfire erupted throughout the base. But Rico was no ordinary bullet dodger.

The main gate was destroyed, revealing barracks, towers... and a tank.

Warning! Insurgent has a tank- *boom* Black Hand, meet tankity tank!

Day 19 morning. 6:00 AM.

The base is a smoldering wreck. Destroyed Black Hand vehicles and Black Hand corpses littered the base.

Now... which one should I take... the submarine, or the battleship?

A nuclear submarine and what appeared to be huge guns on a guided missile destroyer laid in front of him.

Phase IIIEdit

Chapter XV: Welcome to AfricaEdit

Day 20. 07/01/2025. Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Hey. Did you see that?

See what? I don't see anything in the water.

Hmm. Guess my eyes are-

*Rico's nuclear submarine surfaces*

Ah. Resupply. Come on. Let's get some more ammunition.

Hold on. It's much too early.

Oh well. Maybe the shipment was early-

Agghhhh! exclaims the two Black Hand guards as Rico grapples into them.

South Africa. I thought the port would be a little larger.

Rico sneaks up to a large port area. Inside there's nothing different other than Urga EQs and San Pandici series armored vehicles.

Okay. More chaos time!

Day 20 evening. The city has turned into a smoldering wreck after Rico quite violently devoids the city of Black Hand.

Well. I hoped to leave a few structures, but unfortunately.

Chapter XVI: Fun with... Bavarium?Edit

Day 21. 07/02/2025.

Rico in his San Pandici M133H shows up at an unidentified facility.

Hmm. This facility does not appear on any map. Well now it exists on my PDA.

It was in fact, an old research facility used by the South African government that was now re-purposed as a weapons facility for the Black Hand.

After "knocking on the front door", Rico then enters the facility itself.

What the heck? What is Bavarium doing here? Huge containers carrying what appear to be a blue liquid slosh around in them.

The Black Hand must be planning something. Something major.

Right you are, Rico Rodriguez. And now, you will be the first victim of the Bavarium Decimator!

Rico dives to the side as a huge blue explosion appears at the ground near his feet.

Do you like my new toy? It's loaded with enough nukes explosives to wipe clean this entire facility!

Thank you for that information. Now I'll take it.

Rico grapples to the elevated position. Then, in a quick time event, disarms one Black Hand escort and violently throws him over, takes his pistol and shoots the other escort, then pins the warden against the ground.

A female. Your voice was certainly convincing.

What's the matter, Rico Rodriguez? You can't hit a- *gunshots to elbows and knees*

No. But I can deny you your power! *throws her over the balcony*

This facility is too dangerous. It needs to be destroyed.

On one hand, that Bavarium Decimator looks certainly powerful.

What should I use?

15 minutes later, Rico walks out with a huge amount of grenades leaving behind a smoldering wreck of a facility.

Chapter XVII: Bavarium DecimatingEdit

Day 22 evening. 07/03/2025.

Wielding the Bavarium Decimator, Rico walks out of the facility and looks at a conveniently close-by map.

Hmm... I appear to be in the middle of nowhere somewhere near Johannesburg. And if I recall correctly, there's a resistance base near there.

Roughly an hour later, Rico shows up in Johannesburg. Rico was momentarily taken aback as he observes the remarkably intact city. There was one collapsed skyscraper but otherwise the city seemed intact (albeit devoid of people).

Hmm... where is everyone? Not even the Black Hand seem to be around-

Something hit Rico's neck.

What the... why is everything so blurry... *faints*

Day 23 morning. Rico awakens to find 3 soldiers in a room with him.

What the... are y'all the resistance?

They draw their guns. One of them asks Who are you? And what were you doing here in Johannesburg?

My name is Rico Rodriguez. I-

Enough! Where did you get that weapon?

From a weapons facility somewhere in South Africa. Are y'all-

Enough! To his other soldiers, He might be it. Get the commander.

A few minutes later, "the Commander" walks in.

Well well well. Rico Rodriguez. Your reputation exceeds you, Rico Rodriguez. I've heard of you ever since Panau. And now you're in Johannesburg. To the soldier, Uncuff him! He could be our key!

Sorry sire. I just wanted to make sure.

Well... that weapon you found. Did you know? It belonged to me.

... The Bavarium Decimator? That was your original weapon?

Hmm... looks like the name changed. But yes. That was my grenade launcher. Seems the Black Hand re-purposed it to fire some kind of special explosive.

You know about the Black Hand? Also what's your name?

Teo Nelson. I was formerly commander of all South African National Defense Force troops. Now I lead the resistance.

Teo Nelson. Nice to make your- *explosion*

Hmm. Seems the Black Hand have found our location.

Mind if I borrow the Bavarium Decimator?

Might come in handy.

6 hours pass.

How many troops do you suppose they have, Commander?

Not enough. Keep on!

12 hours pass.

Commander! They're sending in tanks!

Leave that to Rico!

18 hours pass.

Teo! You having fun yet?

Oh I'm getting just started! Military experience comes in handy you know!

A full day passes. The battle continues to rage on.

Chapter XVIII: Battle of JohannesburgEdit

Day 24. 07/05/2025.

Rico finally becomes impatient, and, wielding his Bavarium Decimator, marches outside and starts blasting away. Black Hand troops are no match for his re-purposed weapon.

However, just when the battle seems won, multiple San Pandici series armored vehicles showed up with the sole intention of tearing Rico and the resistance into pieces.

15 minutes later, the vehicles are torn up.

Well... you certainly know how to fight!

Yeah well, tearing apart three dictatorial nations has its perks in military experience. Ha ha!

Johannesburg was clear. Now the rest of South Africa had to be cleared.

As Rico walked around Johannesburg, he say Black Hand propaganda everywhere. It was... pretty bad.

Chapter XIX: Battle for South AfricaEdit

Day 25. 07/06/2025.

Rico wielding his Bavarium Decimator plus Teo Nelson and the remnants of the South African National Defense Force storm across South Africa, killing Black Hand everywhere they are.

One city fell after another. But the fighting was beginning to have a toll on Rico. Rico began to see visions. Visions that were not real. Teo Nelson on a few occasions had to pull Rico out of harm's way because Rico was suddenly immobile.

Hey Rico? You all right buddy?

Y...yeah. Just tired.

Such visions however, did not last long. Rico often was immobilized for at most a minute.

When Rico began to reach South Africa's northern border however, the Black Hand became desperate. Increasingly huge amounts of San Pandici series armored vehicles were showing up. Even Urga EQs were appearing.

Undeterred, Rico fought on.

Day 32. 07/13/2025. South Africa is clear of Black Hand forces. However, Black Hand forces throughout the entire continent of Africa had been alerted and started storming toward South Africa.

Chapter XX: The Battle for AfricaEdit

Day 33. 07/14/2025.

Rico and co. arrive at the northern border of South Africa to face the Black Hand onslaught.

Days pass. Nothing eventful comes up except for the occasional Black Hand offensive which Rico successfully blunts every time with a counteroffensive.

Day 47. 07/28/2025. Half the Black Hand forces in Africa are annihilated and Rico with Teo Nelson has liberated three quarters of Africa.

The scenes are stark. Civilian bodies are seen in trash heaps as part of the Black Hand's apparent scorched earth policy. Overturned vehicles used as makeshift barricades are almost everywhere, cities and countryside included.

Rico slowly makes his way through the remnants of Africa, the fog of war slowing falling on him.

Day 49. July 31st, 2025. Africa is clear of the Black Hand except for the gate to the Suez Canal.

In what was formerly Egypt, Rico showed down against the commander of all Black Hand forces in Africa. Another warden.

Chapter XXI: Not Quite 1956Edit

Day 50. August 1st, 2025. The Black Hand and Teo Nelson plus Rico's forces engage in a continent wide battle over control.

CH-11 Eagleclaws and Urga EQs dominate the battlefield as explosions ring out everywhere. Many a soldier went down only for another to take his place.

Rico fought like never before. Utilizing all his combat skills refined from San Esperito, Panau, and Medici, Rico took down twenty Black Hand soldiers using just his Hatchan 03 grappler.

The battle raged on. Vehicular warfare soon turned ugly as San Pandici series armored vehicles soon joined the battle. Rico captured a few and used them against their former owners, but the numbers soon began to swarm. Huge numbers of Black Hand came pouring into Africa aboard an entire aerial fleet of CH-11 Eagleclaws.

Undaunted, Rico fought his way to what was the Suez Canal, and stormed the canal.

All units! The intruder has reached the canal! Stop him at all costs! The Black Hand radioman barked as the situation became increasingly peril.

Hours dragged on. Teo Nelson and what was the South African National Defense Force were at the brink of collapse. But Rico was no ordinary soldier.

After reaching the other side, the warden arrived. Another San Pandici M133H rolled in, this time with huge armor plating.

Rico grappled to the tank and pulled the warden out.

Mr. Rodriguez! I have been waiting for this! Now you will die! the warden taunted.

Not yet. Rico replied as they engaged in hand to hand combat.

An hour passed. Both men became very tired but fought on.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. Both Rico and the warden flew backward.

Mr. Rodriguez! I will be back! And next time, you won't be so lucky! the warden yelled as the remaining Black Hand forces retreated aboard a CH-11 Eagleclaw.

Phase IVEdit

Chapter XXII: Welcome to EuropeEdit

Day 57. August 8th, 2025.

Rico assaulted into what was originally Citate Di Ravello and annihilated the Black Hand forces there. The Black Hand didn't even send reinforcements. They were that scared of Rico.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, something resembling a lightning bolt appeared, hovering in mid-air. A white figure shimmered, and out walked...

...a zombie.

Great. Zombies. At least I left Africa zombie-free to my knowledge.

A week had passed since the Black Hand were defeated in Africa. Teo Nelson's remnants of the South African National Defense Force were now the African Defense Military and Rico had given them enough training to hold their own.

More zombies appeared from the portal. Rico whipped out his Urga Vdova 89 and machine gunned them all to death. Then, he entered the portal.

Outside of the portal, more zombies. But Rico knew where he was. There was a very distinctive sign.

Citate Di Ravello? What is going on here? And... what happened here?

Rico gunned down several ex-Medici Military soldiers as he fought his way to Di Ravello's palace.

Black Hand zombies slumbered toward Rico as he fought his way to the palace.

Inside the palace, there was a very strange sign.

New and Improved Medici Headquarters

What the heck? New and Improved Medici? What is this place? Rico wondered.

Rico stormed through the palace. This time, zombie Rebellion soldiers appeared.

Well... at least now these soldiers can be put to rest. Rico remarked as he killed them through melee.

Europe. What the heck is going on? Rico thought.

Chapter XXIII: Forward to the PastEdit

Day 58. August 9th, 2025.

Rico picks up a lot of ammunition from dead Black Hand and Medici Military soldiers as he fights his way through the zombie infested streets of Citate Di Ravello. Most of the kills were Rico bashing his Urga Vdova 89 into zombie heads.

Rico fights his way through the city. Rebellion zombies are put to rest by a bullet to the head, but Medici Military and Black Hand zombies have their heads bashed in (It is still the player's choice how to kill them).

Rico reaches the statue in front of the city. Zombies surge toward him.

Suddenly, another white lightning bolt appears. Black Hand troops step out, looking slightly confused. Rico had no second to waste as he began to lay fire into a horde of zombies.

The Black Hand know about Rico, but they begin firing on the zombies as well as it became obvious they were the bigger threat.

How did you get here? Rico barked to the soldiers.

We don't know. A white lightning bolt appeared in front of us, and then we stepped in. We've had multiple reports of such things appearing around Medici. In all cases, it's these...

Zombies. I'm no science expert, but I'm willing to bet someone's laboratory experiment went wrong. So... obviously you didn't shoot at me when you stepped through, so how about a temporary alliance? Rico remarked.

Forget alliance, we'll join you. The Black Hand grunts replied. We're tired of working for the Black Hand. Call us... disillusioned. What is going on here anyway? These Black Hand soldiers look nothing like our current uniforms.

These were Black Hand stationed on Medici during the reign of Di Ravello. I still recognize the uniform... Rico stopped. Do any of y'all happen to know what date it is?

One of the Black Hand soldiers examines a newspaper trapped under a zombie corpse. January 2016. He replied.

What the heck? What is going on here? How have I went back in time? Rico exclaimed.

And how do you not recognize your own uniforms? I would imagine you people had some kind of archive. Rico said with some element of surprise.

Yeah... we have not been around for very long. We were... pressed into service with the Black Hand after you cleared out Asia and Africa. Black Hand Command decided you had become a very big threat and started mass recruiting. However... not many of us like war. One of the grunts said.

Hmm. So even some Black Hand decide their own limits. Anyway, let's move out. I want to know what the heck is wrong with this time period. Because when I was in Medici in January 2016, there were no zombies anywhere.

Chapter XXIV: An Easy AllianceEdit

Day 59. August 10th, 2025.

Rico and the former Black Hand moved through the streets of Citate Di Ravello, clearing out more zombies as they went.

As the police station came into view, more zombies just kept coming. It seemed as if the police station had been converted into some kind of camp.

Rico and his soldiers slowly moved forward. Zombies poured en masse from the door ways.

Rebellion, Medici Military, and Black Hand zombies all surged toward Rico. Rico used his Urga Vdova 89 weapon stock to bash them in, but "executed" Black Hand zombies, as the former Black Hand were reluctant to shoot their former allies.

Rico barged into the station. Zombies were everywhere. But off to the side, Rico saw some things that might come in useful.

You four, grab those riot shields and armor! I'll cover you! Rico barked.

3 minutes in, the former Black Hand were now riot police. Rico and the four used a phalanx formation and cleared out the police station.

Rico came upon one of the doors where soldiers normally spawned. The door was shut tight, almost as if locked from the inside. He blew up the door and moved in. Rebellion zombies slumbered toward him, but it was nothing Rico couldn't handle as he moved through the station. More zombies were dispatched.

The riot police were noticeably nervous. Even with shields and riot armor, they still acted scared.

Rico finally fought his way through the station and found the commander in a zombie form. This commander was still holding his assault rifle and could still apparently use it, as stray shots flew everywhere as he surged toward Rico. However, the shots were indiscriminate enough that Rico could dodge them.

Well... that's a first. Zombies that can *ineffectively* use guns. one of the riot police remarked.

Rico stepped out of the station... only to see another portal open up. This time, a Urga EQ fell out along with four dead Black Hand grunts. The grunts fell out of the vehicle, now zombies.

Rico wasted no time dispatching them. After that, he told his men to push the vehicle to the waterfront. There, he used his grappler to push and pull the Urga EQ into the water, essentially "washing" the vehicle.

Now we got a vehicle. Let's move! Rico barked.

Chapter XXV: The Hidden EnemyEdit