With Far Cry 5 announced. I've decided to create my Far Cry 6, although Far Cry 6 is way off. (Probably until 2020 or 2021) This is what would like to see in Far Cry 6.

My Ideal Far Cry 6 will take place in a Post-Soviet state similar to Volosia, it's a landlocked country with a coastline. The nation's name is Zenoskia, a nation located near Georgia and Russia in the Black Sea, the nation of Zenoskia is inspired by Yugoslavia and Bosnia. Currently, Zenoskia is midst of a civil war between various factions of the Armed Forces, the general plot is that the Armed Forces of Zenoskia broke up due to a fail coup, the President of Zenoskia hires a PMC to take the Armed Forces' place, you're a mercenary betrayed by this PMC who have completely taken over all Zenoskian military installations, bases, and outposts. You join the civil war to get revenge on this PMC who betrayed you and end the corrupt president.

Zenoskia has corrupt democracy with a corrupt president, however, the corrupt president isn't the antagonist of the game rather the PMC's CEO is. I won't delve into the story, as the developers can take care of that.

Post soviet flag.

Zenoskia's official flag.

My Far Cry 6 will be a mix of Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 5. Gun jams will return and gunsmithing will be introduced. 

Factions of Zenoskia.

There are 3 factions of Zenoskia waging war on each other and the PMC. There will be a reputation system similar to Mercenaries so no one will shot at you randomly while driving. There will be a police force in Zenoskia so if you murder civilians then they will come after you.

The People's Revolutionary Army of Zenoskia (PRAZ)

They're pretty much communists who are displeased at the Soviet Union's collapse and Zenoskia's transformation. They're the cause of the civil war.    
Zenoskia PRAZ

PRAZ's flag.

The Zenoskian Liberation Army (ZLA)

Basically fascists. They're made up of right wing extremists who split from the military.

Fascist Hawaii

Unitary National Army (UNA)

Religious extremists, they were founded two years ago so they're recent. They hate the ZLA and think they're fascist.


Mind if I borrow this Username?

That's basically it, for Far Cry 5, I will think about buying it. Sorry if this post was rushed.