This is not Related to Just Cause.

I heard that COD WW2 has been announced. Now I don't play Call of Duty, the only Call of Duty I played was World At War and I never played any other games related to the COD franchise, therefore I'm not a COD fanboy. I'm buying this game because it reminds me of World At War. I'm creating this wishlist for I want to see implemented in COD WW2. 

Here are five things I want to see in Call of Duty WW2.        
  1. Axis Powers campaigns

To be honest, the Allies campaigns are overused now, who wants to play a WW2 game where they play as the same faction in the campaign? The only time who play as other factions is in Multiplayer, I see why they would not include Nazi Germany, Japan, and Fascist Italy as playable factions because of all the atrocities they committed, actually, that could a good storytelling point, let's see it from their point of view but as Churchill said "History is written by victors" and is the most likely case since the Allies won WW2. Battlefield 1 had the same problem, there was no Central Powers campaign since Allies won Great War, my idea is similar to World At War, there will be Axis, Comintern, Allies campaigns. Axis first, Allies last. Simple.

2. Better equip system

COD has always this "two-weapon" system, every COD has used this until now, COD WW2 must be original, it can't like its predecessors, COD could just implement 4 weapon system or a 5 weapon system like classic games?


You already know what it is, I don't need to explain it, don't know what I'm talking about then play a COD game.

4. More vehicle driving sections

My favourite game level of World At War is the Blackcats. I think more driving would've to be implemented I love driving sections they separate from the on boots actions and foot sections get pretty boring after a while.

5. Replay value!

World At War had some flaws, such as less replay value, I'm not talking about multiplayer, I mean story, World At War is just a one-off game, once you complete it, Easter eggs and alternative routes will work. 

Regardless, I hope they develop something unique in COD WW2. Sorry, I rushed the post, by the time I'm posting this, it be 2:00 PM.