Spikeheads are a special type of enemy in the Just Cause: Paradiso Islands addon Exiled.



Spikeheads are one of the more severe cases of patients in Morgan Asylum. They can be found sitting in their cells, but they are usually hiding behind counters and other places waiting to ambush the player.

Spikeheads are shorter enemies, only being 5'7 ft tall, being a bit harder to shoot. They wear black jumpsuits, and the spikes on their helmets deflect bullets to the head, meaning headshots are impossible. They usually are hiding in 2-4 person groups, so watch out. They usually carry the Clark 20 or the Feuerrader Scorpion as a weapon.

If a player gets near them (within 3 feet), it and all other surrounding Spikeheads will immediately attack you. They aren't very accurate with their weapons, however, so killing them is even easier. If the player gets too close, they will jab their mask's spikes into the player by charging into them, so killing from a distance is a good idea. Running away is not an option, as they are faster than you and will always follow you. This can be problematic as stopping to shoot them increases your chances of being damaged and/or letting other enemies get the jump on you.

Ways To KillEdit

Ranged Weaponry is your best friend in a situation like this.

  • As they are weaker than most other enemies, you don't need to use your primary or explosives; A pistol or SMG is a good way to get rid of them quickly.
  • If a melee weapon is your only option, you can hit the head with something like a Baseball Bat or a Fireaxe, as the spikes cannot reflect those.
  • If you are fighting the ones in the Parking Garage or in Little Jericho, a car is also an option. It doesn't matter what kind, as they are exceptionally weak.
  • Explosive barrels are very effective.
  • If they are near the Transformers or Generators in the Power Station, the explosions from the electricity can kill them.


  • Am I going too far with the SlipKnot?
  • This is the only enemy that can melee attack you in the entire game plus DLC.
  • It's pistols are unique, as they do 12 more points of damage.
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