The small old-timy cannon is a weapon in New and Improved Medici and fiction by GMRE.
Small old-timy cannon 1


It's an about 17th to 19th century style, but likely 19th century muzzle loaded signal cannon.

This type of small cannons were not used as weapons of war themselves, rather they were used ceremonially in some occasions, or to signal something. They were used either by firing an early version of a blank shot, or an early flare. This means that it's the predecessor of a flare gun.

  • The barrel is about 30 to 40 kg.
  • The carriage is also about 30 to 40 kg.
  • The barrel is 33.6 mm (at the muzzle) and about 15.27 calibers long.
Other data to be added at some point when measured.
Small old-timy cannon 2

Performance in gameEdit

Similarly to the much bigger old-timy cannon, it takes a while to reload. More specifically 15 seconds.

It fires red flares that explode at 100 meters, like a fireworks rocket. Should it hit anything, it will explode on impact. The player can choose the flare color when loading.

The flare breaks any unarmored vehicle, if it hits near the engine, or driver. Should it hit a heavily armored enemy, like a Black Hand titan, it will knock him over and reduce his health. It can also be used against sabotage destructable objects.

It can be loaded into the back of most cars and trucks, which makes it autoloading. In this use it can disable chasing vehicles. In addition to that, it gives the vehicle a sudden speed boost. The boost is negligible for trucks, but makes a 10% improvement to the maximum speed of a car.


Like the bigger old-timy cannons, they can be found at the many old forts at Medici. Though this version is rare with normally only 1 per fort.


  • The carriage of the pictured weapon-like object is a modern replica. The barrel itself is of an unknown age, but presumably at least 150 years old.
  • At the time of writing, this is the second oldest piece of artillery on this wiki.


This is of a smaller one, but the info still applies:

Model 1898 Winchester Signal Cannon

Model 1898 Winchester Signal Cannon

Watch at 2:10 for a demonstration:

Winchester 98 Signal Cannon Demonstration

Winchester 98 Signal Cannon Demonstration

At one point they fire a signal cannon in this sketch too:

Confuse-A-Cat ~ Monty Python's Flying Circus

Confuse-A-Cat ~ Monty Python's Flying Circus

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