The Siege of Sakaku is a conflict dominating the events of Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


On December 26th, 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved itself.

On December 30th, 1991, Sakaku transitioned itself to a democracy.

On December 31st, 1991, the capital of Sakaku, Sakaku City, saw massive gunfights break out between some Sakakans and government troops.

That same day, a new website emerged. It read, "We the Sakakans who favor a Soviet style government hereby declare war on the new Sakakan government. We will not stop unless three things happen. One, the government goes back to a Communist style government. Two, we overthrow the government and install an Communist government anyway. Or three, we are wiped out to the last person. We are going to guarantee the first or second options will happen."

Then newly-appointed President/General Joseph Inouye declared Sakaku to be in a state of emergency and began military operations that same day.

Simply put, this conflict has been going on from December 31st, 1991 up through today, 2017.

After many years, The Agency asked Rico to intervene to put and end to this civil war.

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