The Scando 700 Sedan is a car in Just Cause and New and Improved Medici.
Scando 700 Sedan (race, front)

The referee must be late to an 80s party.


This particular Scando 700 Sedan may look usual, but don't let the looks fool you. In fact, under the hood there is nothing ordinary about it, for it is actually a "sleeper"-type motorcar. This means that some financially well-off motoring enthusiast has taken it upon themselves to customize and upgrade the engine and transmission as much as the laws of physics allow. Meanwhile the vehicles appearance is kept as it once was on the day it rolled off the production line.
Scando 700 Sedan (race, rear)

The competition can only watch in disbelief as they are left in tire smoke.


In its "sleeper"-form, the 700 Sedan has 4-wheel drive and all the horsepowers!

See the videos below for examples of similar real "sleepers".


  • Rarely appears at drag races at some rural airstrips.
  • Extremely rare in traffic and when you do spot one, how would you recognize it?
  • In the garage at the Castle and resort.


  • At the time of writing, searching for the word "sleeper" did not have any vehicles in the results, so this must be the first "sleeper" on this wiki. At this time we have about 850 vehicles.
  • It's made by Scando.


Sleepers vs supercars 2017

Sleepers vs supercars 2017

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