Roadside Assistance is the eighth mission in Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


Day 11. January 31st, 2017.

Rico and the Sakakan Armed Forces storm Lonaku and Manchakaku. Yoku is finally freed of its 26 year siege by the Communist Liberation Army.

Well... there's something you don't do everyday, says Rico. Ending a 26-year siege in 26 minutes... makes me wonder how much resources the CLA have thrown into taking this village.

Sir! You need to see this! shouts a SAF officer.

Rico looks through the binoculars... and shrugs. Eh. A couple hundred CLA vehicles and helicopters. Where's the CLA navy? *looks out to harbor* Ah, there are all the captured Sakakan Navy ships. Prepare the men! Defend Yoku at all costs!

Wave Vehicles Notes
1 20 x MV 502
20 x MV W3
20 x CS Aqua 77
2 40 x MV 7 V8
40 x MV Command Mk. II
40 x CS Aqua 77
3 80 x MV T1000
80 x MV TK101
80 x CS Aqua 77
80 x AF "Snake" 01
4 160 x MV M134H
160 x CS Aqua 77
160 x AF "Cobra" TH
5 320 x MV AA-11
320 x CS Aqua 77
320 x AF "Tiger" MH
Missile strike coming down!

All units! GET OFF THE WALLS! shouts Rico as a barrage of missiles destroys any defenses Yoku has left.

Suddenly though, the MV AA-11s start attacking their own men! What is happening?

Sir! We've got hackers hacking the AA-11s! We're in the clear!

Not just yet...

Rico spots a strange round circle in the distance.


  • The name of the mission is supposed to be ironic.