Rico Rodriguez is the protagonist of Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


Rico Rodriguez was born January 25th, 1965 in Mexico to Medician immigrants.

At some point in time, he returned to Medici and became a race car driver.

Unfortunately, his career encountered an abrupt end when General Sebastiano Di Ravello ordered the burning of his household and gave Rico to The Agency.

In 2005, Rico's biggest assignment to date was deposing President Salvador Mendoza of San Esperito, which was a success.

In 2010, Rico's next assignment was deposing President Pandak "Baby" Panay, which was also a success.

In 2015, Rico returns to his homeland of Medici after retiring from the Agency to finally deal with General Sebastiano Di Ravello. This is also a success.

In 2017, The Agency via Tom Sheldon, requests Rico to end the 26 year civil war that had been ravaging Sakaku. Rico reluctantly agrees and travels to Sakaku.

As of the events of Welcome to Sakaku, Rico has successfully obtained a one trillion dollar bounty by the Communist Liberation Army.

Personality and traitsEdit

Rico's training in the Central Intelligence Agency had gained him expertise in many fields, including vehicle operating, weapon training, and grapple hook training.

Rico is a Christian, as evidenced by the necklace cross around his neck.

He occasionally has a sense of humor when speaking, as evidenced by Sakanu Drop Zone.

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