"Gimme a break"

Rico Rodriguez is the main protagonist of Just Cause Unity,

Rico's theme

History Edit

Here for most of it.

Inbetween JC3 and Just Cause Unity. Edit

After liberating Medici and sorting out the eDen issues there. Rico tried to live as a normal Medician general, that was, until in 2017, when Tom went and told him he was back in the Agency, Rico rejected this, but Tom threatened to have Citate Medici nuked if he didn't oblige.

Rico rejoined to save Medici from being took over by the US, who was now even more eager.

In 2020, the events of Just Cause X ending A occurred, where he realized that he had Fir De ancestry and that he might have been worse than all the dictators combined.

Because the Agency thought Rico looked to old and frail to kick ass by 2022, they used him as a guinea pig for the Age Reversal Surgery, a surgery which somehow reverses age in every way except memory. He also underwent rigorous training and is now more musclebound then he ever has been.

In 2024, he was commanded to stop the civil war on the Islas Budgarias, which is Just Cause Unity.

Apperance Edit

Rico wears a long. black trenchcoat with a grey t-shirt underneath, he has the Hatchan 04 on his left arm. He wears 20,000 yen pants he purchased on a leisure trip to Japan.

He has black hair and brown eyes, and later blue eyes due to Enhanced HUD contacts. He is also musclebound, due to regular training with the Agency.

Personality Edit

Rico acts rather cold in Just Cause Unity, due to years of harsh treatment by the Agency to make him the ultimate soldier. He tends to say "Gimme a break" when ever someone says a silly thing, or when he defeats a tough enemy. He tends to get angry when complimented. Of course, one of the only thing that makes him happy is causing massive explosions. He also kills civilians. No regrets.

Trivia Edit

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