Resistance is the sixteenth mission in Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


Day 24. September 18th, 2050.

Rico and the pilot are flying through the air when suddenly the alarm starts sounding inside the aircraft. It seems Eldrith Tech is not too happy about their BMI 1983s being destroyed.

Rico stunt jumps onto the plane outside and starts shooting his dual Haswell Gen5 Imperators at the enemy Rage-Johnston Dominator 01s.

The first 5 are easily dispatched, but more are inbound.

You keep going! I can keep up! In the meantime, it's time for me to fly! - Rico.

The pilot acknowledges and starts accelerating. Rico backflips off and activates his Bavarium Wingsuit 2.0, instantly propelling him into an easy 80 mph.

Rico quickly dives behind the planes and opens fire. The jet fighters go down, but another plane emerges. A Bering Imperator-01.

10 minutes later, the Capstone jet fighter and the Bering Imperator-01 lands at Capstone HQ with Rico at the cockpit.

So... you are Rico Rodriguez. And you even brought us a gift! How very generous of you! Now... let me show you what has happened in 33 years! - Capstone CEO

Oh also, my name is Jonathan Richards.