Vehicle in Just Cause X2: Defy Extinction
Type Assault Helicopter; a mix of troop transport and strike craft
Weapons 80 mm unguided rockets

12,7 mm chain gun

Rarity Below average
Used by Endron Security Forces
Free State of Libertatia
Speed 370 km/h

The Prospero SH1 Bloodhound is an assault helicopter in IronClaw's Just Cause X series.


This assault helicopter is a licensed model of the Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt, which is itself a high-end modernization of the old TechMach Hrom A chopper. Prospero version sacrifices greater firepower for higher speed, larger troop compartment and EMP shielding. Since its avionics is hardened against electromagnetic pulse weaponry, it could not use sophisticated guiding systems, and is only able to fire volleys of "dumb" rockets.

Just Cause X2: Defy ExtinctionEdit

These helicopters were shipped to Endron Forces by their Black Hand allies as the situation became dire for the company mercs. At some point, these heavily armored, heavily armed helicopters were a weapon of last hope for Endron troops on Askabjǫð, but it still was not enough to change the pace of a battle, forcing Black Hand to intervene further.

While definitely a rare occurrence, some of these helos were captured by Libertatia rebels.


It's a high-end helicopter for Act I; while it has a decent firepower, unable to unleash a barrage of heavy rockets on enemy positions, it has good speed and maneuverability, and it's armed well enough to withstand a single UVK13 direct hit or several proximity ones. It can also deploy up to eight troops while on the ground.

However, it's outmatched by more modern helicopters right as the beginning of Act II, yet even still its EMP shielding might come in handy.


  • It's made by Grupo Prospero.
  • It is based on the real life ATE Superhind MKIII.
  • Bloodhound carries 4 pylons of 80 mm dumb rockets, 32 in total.
  • It's an iteration of the Just Cause 4 Bloodhound Siege heli.


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