This article lists all the countries in all the Just Cause fan fiction universes on this wiki.

Many of these do not co-exist in the same fictional universe. The article lists all nations that have been mentioned on the wiki.


The events of [???] happen here.



Flag of Arstotzka.

  • Arstotska is a fictional nation appearing in Papers, Please.
  • In some parts of Karthstan, KRSL soldiers can be seen wielding Arstotzkan flags.
  • The Arstotzkan flag is outside Aeropuerto de Gran Budgaria.
  • Occasionally, soldiers running into battle with scream "GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA!" for unknown reasons.
  • The Papers, Please theme song can be heard playing in some houses in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


Australian flag

Flag of Australia.

XyVgj (1)

Alternate flags.


Flag of China

Flag of China.

  • China is mentioned in the Just Cause Universe.
  • Sakaku is close to China geographically.


A nation next to North Rusan.

They were defeated by thee North Rusanian Military in their 1992 Invasion of North Rusan.



Flag of Communist Colombia (fictional).

  • In Just Cause 4: Karthstan, the communist rebels won the Colombian Civil War, installing a communist government.
  • The Communist government is quite different from other communist governments, as they allow citizens to own guns as the guns were essential to their revolution, and they allow some business and capitalism, basically like China.

Democratic KampucheaEdit


Flag of the Democratic Kampuchea.

  • Democratic Kampuchea is still around and Pol Pot is not running it because he was killed in 1980.
  • It was visited by Parker Chapman for a short time to do something "company related".
  • The Sakura Kampuchea was made in Kampuchea.


Modern Ancient Egypt

Flag of modern ancient Egypt (or the Kingdom of Kemet in-universe, most people just call it "Egypt").

  • In QWTF spy's JC universe, Ancient Egypt managed to survive to the modern day, with the Pharaoh as the head of state and the ancient Egyptian religion being the dominant religion.

European UnionEdit

Flag of European Union

Flag of the EU.


Flag of Finland

Flag of Finland.


Flag of France

Flag of France.

  • Roulette is a brand originating from France in Just Cause: Lumeri.
  • Europ is a brand from France in Just Cause Unity.
  • French is the most majorly spoken language in Hawaiki.
  • Hawaiki was historically a French pacific colony.


Imperial Germany (1871-1918)Edit

Flag of Germany (1871-1918)

Imperial German flag.

Main article at wikipedia.

Third Reich (1933-45)Edit

Third Reich flag

Flag of the Third Reich (better known as Nazi Germany).

Main article at wikipedia.

  • Nazi Germany is referenced in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.
  • The Sly Schultz is a jet fighter produced in Germany at that time.
  • Reichsmobile is a german company since at least this time period.
  • Autostraad is a german company since at least this time period.
    • They made some unarmored trucks for the german army during WW2.
    • In later times they make civilian vehicles.
  • Heil! is a German company from that era. The company is still around and making vehicles.

German Democratic Republic (East Germany 1948-90)Edit

Flag of East Germany

Flag of the German Democratic Republic (better known as East Germany).

Main article at wikipedia.

  • The Autostraad Stalin is from the former country of East Germany, a puppet state of the Soviet Union.

Gran BudgariaEdit

A nation in Just Cause Unity. It is a part of Islas Budgarias.



(Old) flag of Nanasen.


(New) flag of Hanasen.

The events of [Just Cause: Hanasen]] happen here.


Hawaiki is a former French Pacific colony featuring in Just Cause: Hawaiki. It is a very volcanically active island group and takes major inspirations from various pacific cultures such as Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, while taking some inspirations from New Zealand and Australian culture with a French twist.

Hjallesund IslesEdit

The events of Just Cause: Hjallesund happen here. It is an island located in between the Shetland Islands and Sweden. The climate there is known for being cold, and mountainous terrain, making it the perfect quiet tourist destination, with the winding railways up the alps, along with the annual Himmelområdena Hillclimb. Hjallesund is also famous for it's two large cities, each originally a settlement from two different colonies on the island.


255px-Flag of India.svg

Flag of India.

  • India is mentioned in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.
  • The Dehlia 47 is from India.
  • Kali is from India.


Flag of Iran

Flag of Iran.


Flag of Israel

Flag of Israel.

The M14 Uzi Mk. II in Just Cause 4: Sakaku is a joint product of Sakaku and Israel.


Flag of Italy

Flag of Italy.


Flag of Japan

Modern nation flag.

Flag of the Japanese Military

"Army war flag" (1870 to 1945). Still in use as the "military flag" in Just Cause 4: Sakaku.



Flag of Karthstan.

The events of Just Cause 4: Karthstan happen here. It's a first world and very rich Middle Eastern country.


Klumanor flag 2

Flag of Klumanor as seen on Mlung's Forward Albatross.

  • Klumanor is a mentioned Central African country in Just Cause 4: Karthstan. Klumanor was a former British colony next to Uganda. Unlike all the other African countries. Klumanor is very rich, however, still in political strife with civil wars. People from Klumanor are referred as "Klumanoris".
  • Teo and Mlungisi Umshayeli are from Klumanor.
  • Klumanor will be the site of a spinoff game. Not necessarily a Just Cause game, but a spiritual successor to Mercenaries made by Pandemic Studios who went bust in 2009. This spiritual sequel will be set in the Just Cause Universe.



Flag of Kolechia.

In CS Magnum's description, John fills you in on a story that he heard someone say "FOR KOLECHIA!" and then a boom was heard. This is clearly a reference to Kolechian terrorists.


North KoreaEdit


Flag of North Korea.

  • North Korea is mentioned in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.
  • Urga Mountaineer was produced in North Korea.
  • The Marakovo 79 was equipped by North Korean forces.

South KoreaEdit

Flag of South Korea

Flag of South Korea.


The events of Just Cause: Krankos happen here.


Flag of Kyrat 2

Flag of Kyrat.

Far Cry 4 Royal Radio - Track 3

Far Cry 4 Royal Radio - Track 3

National anthem.

La SolEdit

A nation in Just Cause Unity. It is a part of Islas Budgarias.


Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab JamahiriyaEdit

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Flag of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

  • Said Farrah is inspired by Gaddafi.


1200px-Flag of Libya.svg

Flag of modern Libya.

  • Karthstan's flag is based off Libya.



Flag of Morroco

Flag of Morroco.

The STN company originates in Morocco in Just Cause Unity.

New ZealandEdit

Qf9S7 (1)

Alternate flags.

  • New Zealand is mentioned in Karthstan.
  • New Zealand is said to be a major influence on Hawaiki and a minor one on the landscape of the Hjallesund Isles.

North RusanEdit

The events of Just Cause 4: North Rusan happen here.

North Rusanian MilitaryEdit

Flag of North Rusan

The North Rusanian Military have the flag of North Rusan imprinted onto their shoulders.

Free North RusanEdit

Flag of Free North Rusan

Free North Rusan's flag/logo.

Lord's North Rusanian ArmyEdit

Flag of Lord's North Rusanian Army

Lord's North Rusanian Army flag/logo.


Flag of Norway

Flag of Norway.

Norwegian is a common language in Just Cause: Hjallesund.

Nova KyungastanEdit

Acts I and II of the Just Cause X: Global eXchange take place here.


A nation in Just Cause Unity. It is a part of Islas Budgarias.


A nation run by a tyrannical president (original idea was a cult). Created by QWTF spy to replace Ugrela.



Flag of the Estado Novo.

The Mugello Novo was made for the Estado Novo.


Flag of Russia

Flag of the Russian Federation in Just Cause: Volosia.


Saabvoseggia is a country in other fiction by User:FloatingZygarde. Saas, Scando and Rururarurirurararirararuruririraririrararururararururararirari all originate from here in Just Cause Unity.

San SombrèroEdit

A few travel guides for San Sombrèro can be found in airports.


Flag of Sakaku

Flag of Sakaku.

The events of Just Cause 4: Sakaku happen here.


A flag

Flag of Slovazak.



Flag of Solanato.

Small nation between Italy and Austria, in the Karthstan project.



Flag of Sosaria.

Small nation between Croatia and Italy in the Just Cause 4: Karthstan project.

It is mostly conservative, with a lenient firearms policy and their refusal to join the EU.

They do have some progressive policies such as education.

Soviet Union (1922-1991)Edit

Communist Liberation Army flag

Flag of the USSR (better known as the Soviet Union).


Flag of Spain

Flag of Spain.

Apparently, Budgarian kangaroos evolved from normal kangaroos that made it to the Isla Budgarias when the Spanish were taking some from the British Empire without their knowledge. The ship was attacked while leaving the islands.


Flag of Sweden

Flag of Sweden.

  • The Hjallesund Isles are located near Sweden.
  • Svaneke, SAAS and Scando all originate from Sweden in Just Cause: Hjallesund.
  • Swedish is one of multiple common languages in Hjallesund.
  • GK5C originates from Sweden.

Tannu TuvaEdit

Tannu 2

Flag of Tannu Tuva.

  • Again, another alternate history nation created solely for show, it is featured in 100 Minutes.
  • Tannu Tuva in real life, was annexed by the Soviet Union after voting to join the USSR. It is still a federal subject of Russia and is now known as the Tuva Republic.


A nation in Just Cause Unity. It is a part of Islas Budgarias.


Another country created by QWTF spy for a potential JC5. However, this was abandoned.

United KingdomEdit


Flag of the United Kingdom.

  • Sakaku was once a British colony. The now CS U1 was once known as HMS U1 before handing it over after Sakakan independence.
  • Apparently, Budgarian kangaroos evolved from normal kangaroos that made it to the Isla Budgarias when the Spanish were taking some from the British Empire without their knowledge. The ship was attacked while leaving the islands.
  • Titus, Lanchester and Henwood are British brands in Just Cause: Hjallesund.

    Alternate flags.

  • The Hjallesund Isles are located near the Shetland Islands.
  • Part of Hjallesund was originally a British colony.
  • Kerner, YBR, Golfer and Columbi are British brands in Just Cause Unity.
  • Jaguar is a British car manufacturer. They manufacture the Jaguar JMS and Jaguar RMS.
  • Michael Rosen is from Great Britain.

United StatesEdit

Flag of United States

Flag of the United States.

Unified states of America

Flag of the Unified States of America.

  • The Just Cause Game Series is a partial parody/satire of U.S. foreign relations during the Cold War and modern era.
  • Rico travels from this nation to Sakaku in the first mission of Just Cause 4: Sakaku.
  • Maria Kane and James Kane were born in America.
  • Tom Sheldon is from America.
  • Tom Sheldon arrives from the US in [Mission Name] in Just Cause Lumeri.
  • The CS Grand and the CS Thompson are from America.
  • In Just Cause 4: Karthstan, Capstone was founded in America.
  • The Unified States of America is a reformed United States in the Spinverse.
  • Other cities are referenced in Just Cause 4: Karthstan, these cities include:
    • Paradise City (A rundown city in Maine, where it's a street racer's haven. This place is known as the "Detriot of Maine")
    • Mesa City (Another rundown city in Utah)
    • Gotham (An "Anywhere City" vibe from GTA 2)
    • Bullworth (A town with notorious corruption, youth violence, and a certain school)
    • Beecher's Hope
  • In Just Cause 5 this country took over North and South America, transforming it into the unofficial name of Eastamerica.


  • The events of Just Cause: Volosia happen here.
  • In some parts of Karthstan, KRSL soldiers can be seen wielding VPR flags.
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