Mako Razorback MGL
Weapon in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type MGL (Automatic Greande Launcher)
Usage Two handed
Ammunition 40mm high-explosive greandes 
Number of grenades per cartridge 5
Used by USMC

Black Hand

The Mako Razorback is a weapon in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


Developed in the early 2010s, this grenade launcher entered full production in 2015, quickly earning a reputation as the CS Negotiator's "bigger, meaner brother". It was tested in Afghanistan, and showed excellent performance. Therefore, the Razorback replaced the Mako Hammerhead as the primary hand-held grenade launcher of the USMC.

It's the weapon of choice of Marine heavy troopers, so called "Guardians", when they fight outdoors. It's also used by Black Hand forces stationed in AirEx.


It's the best automatic grenade launcher in JCX. For its type, it has an excellent accuracy and range, but obviously is not advised to be used in close quarters. Its grenades do high penetrating damage (something that's unusual for real life MGLs) due to specialized munitions, and therefore can kill drivers of the lightly-armored vehicles.


  • It is made by Mako
  • This MGL is based on the real life XM25, a cancelled U.S. Army weapon
  • It's counterparts in JC1 and JC3 are Mako Hammerhead and CS Negotiator respectively.