The Kazuma Akuma is a vehicle in Just Cause Unity.


The Akuma is the ultimate in classic updates. It is inspired by western design, especially that of the Stultus and Succubus R/GT. It is powered by an all new 3VA 4.0 Litre twin turbo V8 that generates over 600bhp to the rear wheels. The original car was the lowly Sakura Version 2 (There was no Version 1).

It is based off of the Toyota Mark II X20.


Essentially an average modern muscle car. So it is excellent in a straight, but suffers in the bends.


  • "Akuma" means "demon" in Japanese.
  • User:FloatingZygarde wonders how this will go with the muscle fanboys here.
  • For the GTA IV and V vehicle of the same name, see Dinka Akuma.
  • It is made by the Kazuma company.


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