The Just Racing Series is an event in multiple contributing fiction projects. As such, it's a community project.


The event has several types of different vehicles in their separate races (see tiers below). The races are held in multiple different nations.

In Just Cause: Lumeri, it is sponsored by many brands in the Just Cause Universe, including other manufacturers (such as Weirmacht).

In New and Improved Medici, the main sponsor is Frigo and Etcetera, a local motor-vehicle import and retail company.

In Just Cause Unity, it is sponsored by Kazuma for parts and Ultimatum Banking, a Spanish banking company.

In Just Cause: Paradiso Islands, it is sponsored by Weimaraner and Mann for most vehicles, Cutler-Randall and Niseco for parts and DJW for an unknown reason.

In Just Cause 4: Karthstan, it's sponsored by Sakura corporation as a promotion campaign for their vehicles.


  • JRG1 - GT1
  • JRG2 - GT2
  • JRG3 - GT3
  • JRG4 - GT4
  • JRGE - GTE
  • JRGT - Grand Tourers, DTM and V8 Supercars.
  • JRF1 - Formula 1
  • JRF2 - Formula 2
  • JRF3 - Formula 3
  • JRF4 - Formula 4
  • JRFE - Formula Electric
  • JRFB - Formula Bay (Formula Gulf)
  • JRFCR - Formula Cutler-Randall (Formula Ford)
  • JRF200 - 200hp vehicles similar to JRF1 cars.
  • JRCC - FWD championships.
  • JRRCC - Rallycross
  • JRGi - Electric car racing
  • JRRC - World Rally Championship
  • JRCLASSIC - Classic race cars
  • JRC4 - Group 4
  • JRSTREET- Street racing using Hantu self-driving vehicles as traffic. These are always on street circuits.
  • JRLM1 - LMP1
  • JRLM2 - LMP2
  • JR Dakar - Dakar
  • JR AERO - Aeronautical racing
  • JR AQUA - Ocean racing
  • JR SAIL - Ocean sailing
  • JR PWC - Personal Watercraft racing


Hjallesund IslesEdit

  • Hjallesund International Speedway - Very windy circuit located on a yet to be named island.
  • Himmelområdena Mountains Winter Hill Climb - Hill climb up in the harsh snowy, winter climates of the Hjallesund mountain ranges.

Just Cause UnityEdit

  • Doragonmeido City Race Track - Course set on the outskirts of Doragonmeido City on Hareta Island.
  • Corsa del Sol - Coastal street circuit on the island of La Sol in Citate Fuego. It is owned by FRM Racing Group and rented out to customers.
  • Rosso Vitesse - Long street track with high-speed corners on Nuevearrcife highways.
  • Plastic Dash - Racetrack in a Heated Tires theme park. Expect loops and twists.


New and Improved MediciEdit

  • Citate Di Ravello GP - Gran Prix course set in the capital city of Medici.
  • Lacos Rally Stage - Short rally stage in Lacos that starts in Alba and heads into Colle Salrosa.
  • Pastura-Torto ringroad - This is along relatively straight paved 2-lane roads. It would be fitting to vehicles of more average speeds, like the Mugello Raffinati Vitesse.

San EsperitoEdit

San Esperito highways - See map below. This racetrack is for the fastest vehicles. It's entirely on a 4-lane road.


Al-Fakkalla - Middle Eastern desert rally course set outside of Al-Fakkalla, Karthstan. Apparently, the worst city in the world has a rally course, so expect occasional acts of terrorism on the course.

Just Cause: Paradiso IslandsEdit

  • Bestes Stadt Oval Track - Due to it being named "best city", Bestes Stadt has an oval track for JRS racing. You may find some wildlife.
  • Durango - A very technical track, made for testing race vehicles.

Other locationsEdit

  • Ultan Park - British Racetrack just south of Chester.
  • Ravine - Race track just south of RAF Ravine on Anglesey.
  • Grünehölle - Large racetrack usually used by car companies to test cars.


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