Just Cause 4: Karthstan is a fan fiction project created by QWTF spy for a Just Cause 4.

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Taking place in the fictional Middle Eastern nation of Karthstan, it centres around Rico and Maria Kane overthrowing the democratically elected dictator Said Farrah and stopping a conspiracy involving the Agency and Tom Sheldon. There will be a total of 75 story missions, making the story 35 hours long, therefore, the longest fan fiction project ever. Just Cause 4: Karthstan is a prequel as it takes place a year before the events of Just Cause 3. As JC3 takes place in 2015, JC4: Karthstan will be set in 2014.

It will run on an updated Just Cause 3 engine, and it will reuse some assets from Just Cause 3.

It is frequently called "QWTF spy's JC4" as a nickname.

Factions in JC4: KarthstanEdit

These are the factions looking to hire Rico. Before the final mission, Rico chooses a faction to pledge true allegiance to. None of the factions are good or bad. This list will exclude the Karthstan Military, Karthstan Police Department, and Alnsur Alrraed.


The Karthstan Republican Socialist League is a Communist faction looking to turn Karthstan into a Stalinist country. Their leader is Fadel Cisto.


Corestar is a corrupt corporation looking to place a puppet government to turn a profit. Their leader is Parker Chapman.

The RahmaniEdit

The Rahmani is an Islamic terrorist group that intends to turn Karthstan into an Islamic Republic. Their leader is Mubarak Farrah.


The People's Democratic Group of Karthstan is a faction looking to restore the Karthstan democracy before Said hijacked it. Their leader is General Khairi.

Packs (DLC or Limited Edition)Edit

Black Market HoverChaos PackEdit

It includes:

  • A Capstone Hovercar mounted with guns.
  • A jetpack that can hover.
  • Super Air Propulsion Gun.

The Air Assault PackEdit

It includes:

  • The Urga SS Light. A helicopter with 6 missiles and 5 miniguns.
  • A portable AA minigun.
  • The Shortshop shotgun.

The Divine PackEdit

It includes:

  • The Divine Gun.
  • The Jinn Shortie.
  • The Gun of Thunder.

Sea Strike PackEdit

  • A battleship.
  • An attack boat.
  • A jet ski with a minigun.

Supernatural NightmareEdit

  • An All-new plot that takes place after Just Cause 4: Karthstan.
  • New weapons and enemies.
  • A new vehicle.



  • This is the first Just Cause game to set in the Middle East.
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