Hell of a Life is a fictional TV show hosted by chef Gordon Ramsay in QWTF spy's JC4, it can be found in the department stores where it is hosted by the Karthstan News Network when they're not playing their propaganda.

Hell of a Life

Only sections of an episode can be seen due to lack of a TV that can be operated by the player.

Description and Premise Edit

The show itself is a spoof and parody of Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell similar in vein with GTA's TV shows, this time, Gordon Ramsay visits various outcasts and dysfunctional families to not only attempt to reverse their misfortunes but to help get back at the world and expose their enemies. The Show dissolves into swearing, insult comedy, bitching and moaning at the end of an episode. All sections are filmed in Live Action.

Commercial break 1 Edit

"(Intro plays) Hello, my name is Gordon Ramsay, I helped failing businesses and hotels reverse their misfortunes, this time, I decided that it's time to visit the people who need the most help, welcome to Hell of a Life. (A US flag is seen) My first stop is in the United States, a country full of freedom but yet most of the citizens are not free and are unemployed, live in abusive families, and even be pushed by other people winch is why we decided to go to the worst town possible. (Car screeches to a sign that is unreadable and unpronounceable.) What the hell kind of town name is that? What inbred decided that this was a good idea for a town name. I WONDER IF THE TOWN FULL OF FUCKING IDIOTS! Oh my god anyway we decided to tackle the "Talbot" family, why fucking "Talbot"? The Talbots are been having some problems lately, their son is living in a metal death shack due to fucking inbreds bullying him."

"Hey, Gordon Ramsay mate."


"So what's been going o-"

(Car horn is heard)

"You fucking British tyrant!"

"Well you fucking asshole, we conquered half of the world and established an empire so don't give us shit! You inbred clicky cocksucker!"

(Offended, the man gets out of the car and pulls out a shotgun)

"Get inside! Get inside!"

(Gunshots are heard and a security guard is taking fire with his pistol, the section ends and returns to Karthstan News Network.)


Trivia Edit

  • The show is based on GTA's TV shows, expect downplayed as no operatable TV can be used by the player.
  • It's hosted by the legendary chef Gordon Ramsay.
  • Michael Rosen's Life is similar to this, except, it's Michael Rosen talking about his abusive life instead of fixing outcasts' lives.
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