Haswell Gen4 Annihilator
Weapon in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Magnetic rail rifle
Usage Two handed
Ammunition Ferromagnetic micro rounds 
Magazine size 1
Used by Black Hand Shetani

Haswell Gen4 Annihilator is a weapon in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


As "the Incenerator" project failed, Haswell immidiately started to develop a new kind of long-range rifle, specifically designed to be used by trans-humans and exoskeleton-wielding soldiers. The result was this magnetic mass driver, which immense power makes it a literal "hand-cannon", as it's approximately as devastating as a 70-mm tank turret. While the Annihilator did not entered production yet (and is still tested), Black Hand aqquired quite a lot of these to equip their Shetani supersoldiers.

In 2024, this extremely expensive and unreliable rifle was replaced by a bit less devastaing, but much cheaper and sturdier Eradicator with shorter "rail".


It's a portable tank turret, nothing less. It can one-hit kill a Merc class co-op player, and it deasl extreme damage even to Rico and Shetani. The Annihilator is effective against armor as well, including MBT's, and the only problem with this weapon is the fact that it's ammo is very hard to find.


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