General Jaadallah is a minor antagonist in QWTF spy's JC4. He was a general commanding the Karthstan Military under Said's orders. He is the second member of the Big Seven.


Jaadallah was born in 1965, the son of a four-star general. His family was also rich.

Growing up, he was spoiled due to the privileges his family had. He would always brag about it at school. He had no friends. His father then died of cancer.

Determined to follow in his father's footsteps, he enrolled in the military at age 18 and began officer training. He finished boot camp and officer training.

He began his officer career and began to rose up the ranks until becoming a four-star general.

In 2003, he met then Senator Said Farrah and General Khairi. The three were planning for Karthstan to join the War in Iraq, but this first encounter was short lived and the two were separated in duties as Karthstan joined the United States-led coalition in Iraq.

Karthstan had to pull out in the post-invasion phase due to terrorist attacks. Said had been growing in popularity.

In 2007, Said approached Jaadallah with an offer, to take over the military and launch a military revolt.

Jaadallah did what Said offered. He launched a military revolt and threatened a coup if a democratic referendum hadn't been held.

Eventually, a democratic referendum was held and Said won his referendum. He began disbanding the original government.

Said made a new title and was declared Supreme Leader on New Year's Day, 2008. Ditching the previous title of President, Karthstan became a dictatorship. Jaadallah became Said's yes man.

Jaadallah implemented a brutal justice system and became the subject of many human rights violations with the Karthstan Military becoming the main violator.

In the coming years, Jaadallah had to deal with insurgent groups in Karthstan that were against Said's rule.

In 2014, Jaadallah and his army raided a Rahmani base and was supposed to rescue Rico, Tom Sheldon, and Maria Kane. However, Rico had escaped and busted his fellow agents out. So Jaadallah took them to Said Farrah's palace instead. He doesn't appear again until later in the story. Said sends Jaadallah to kill Rico Rodriguez, but this backfires when Rico kills all of Jaadallah's generals and eventually kills Jaadallah at a battle at Naqasta Power Plant.

His funeral was held on December 30th and on January 1st, 2015, Said Farrah was killed and overthrown by Rico.


Jaadallah is a greedy self-entitled man. He gets wrathful when he doesn't get what he wants and goes into a rage when things don't go as planned.

Jaadallah is rather subordinate and shows no signs of insubordination. He is also prideful when battling Rico.


  • His appearance was modeled after Saddam Hussein.
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