The Forward Quadricycle is a vehicle in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"Forward's first car, an ass cooker back in its day. The engine made for this was from a newspaper and it was a fraud, I'm surprised it works. Also, it has a "foreskin detecting unit" Yep, I'm not joking, it was made in the 1890s where Anti-Semitism was rife."

Side missionEdit

A side quest made be completed for this vehicle be unlockable.

Rico meets a Jewish collector who is trying to get the car working and believes something is wrong with it. Rico discovers that it has a foreskin detecting unit that prevents the car from working. The Collector hires him to find parts to remove the foreskin detecting unit.

Rico is then sent on an optional collecting side quest to find the parts.

Once all the parts are found. Rico gives them to the Collector who removes the Foreskin detecting unit so the car would work regardless. However, the car was not what the Collector expected and has a low opinion of it. He pays Rico 10,000 dollars in return.


  • This is the first car Forward ever made.
  • It's based on the Ford Quadricycle, a real vehicle that has a foreskin detecting unit.
  • The real one is from 1896, so at the time the article was made, it's the oldest car on this wiki.
  • It is owned by the Collector and Rico.
  • See here for a video of a replica that's in a much better condition (not vibrating and noticeably more powerful) and probably a more accurate representation of what it was like when it was new.


Driving The First Crappy Car Ford Ever Built - Jason Drives

Driving The First Crappy Car Ford Ever Built - Jason Drives

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