The Fleisher AMW-4 Tornado is an ultimate weapon in fiction by GMRE.


Pistols, MGs, rocket launchers, SMGs, ... do you really need to carry all that? Not anymore! With the new automatic multi-weapon 4 from Fleisher, all you need is one weapon to make it look like there was recently a tornado in the area. The weapon is about the size of a Capstone Hydra and weighs about 20 kg, so you won't be running with it. The prototype was 35 kg and twice the size, so it's a definite step up. And that's not all! There's no need to worry about theft, because the weapon can only be used by someone in possession of the Fleisher Multipass, a uniquely coded key-card.


It can shoot like a machine gun, launch a rocket (sold separately), launch grenades, launch a net (with weights at the edges), throw flame and freeze targets solid!

The effective range of the last two is under 10 meters and they run out of fuel really fast due to the small size of the weapon.


It appears in a cut-scene at an underground weapons market where one is demonstrated. It's not really available to the player at all and is only in the game as an easter egg to the ZF-1 from the 1997 science-fiction action movie "The Fifth Element".


ZF-1 demonstration in the Fifth Element

ZF-1 demonstration in the Fifth Element

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