Eldrith Tech Minigun - 01 is a weapon in Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


Eldrith Tech file reveals:

Eldrith Tech Minigun - 01 is the original American M134 Minigun. This new and improved one has two new abilities, one of which is an infinite ammo supply. Old miniguns had a limit to how many bullets it could carry. The other ability is an extremely rapid cool down rate, to prevent overheating. Unfortunately, only two were made before the corporation suffered a massive electrical failure due to some defects in the machinery, and these two were locked up in two separate vaults, never to be used unless in an emergency.

One was stolen by Rico in Forward to the Past and subsequently mounted onto a stolen Eldrith Tech ED-001.

The other one was also likewise stolen by Rico in The Endgame and also mounted onto the ED-001.


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