"You will not laugh, you will not cry, YOU WILL FUCKING DIE!!!!!" - Hanif while battling Rico

Mahboob el-Hanif is a minor character and assassination target in QWTF spy's JC4.


Mahboob el-Hanif was born in 1937 before WWII.

Mahboob was fascinated with WWII, but he was too young to join that war.

Hanif was mocked at school due to his insulting first name.

In 1955, the First Karthstani Civil War had begun, and 18-year-old Hanif rushed to the nearest faction to join the Civil War.

During his tenure as a private, he had a total of 24,000 confirmed kills, rising from rank to rank.

Around 1959, a Socialist soldier rushed him and scarred his face. Hanif subsequently killed the soldier anyway.

At the end of the war, he went on to become a drill sergeant and the longest serving one in the Karthstan Military.

After Said's takeover, he was transferred to anti-terror squads, suppressing the insurgency and serving the Supreme Leader. Subsequently, a price was placed on his head.

He was killed by Rico when teaching a new recruitment of soldiers.

Ways to Assassinate HanifEdit

Hanif is at the Saharoun Barracks, teaching the newest recruitment of soldiers.

Rico can sneak in and assassinate him when no one is looking. Or use the guns blazing approach. This will alert Hanif, but unlike other assassination targets, he will fight back at Rico.

Once Hanif is dead, Rico must escape the base and will be paid for his assassination.

A KNN new report falsely states that the Saharoun Barracks is under new management after the unfortunate death of civil war veteran Hanif.


  • Hanif is based off Hartman from Full Metal Jacket.
  • Hanif is the second Assassination target.
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