Commander R. Keryev is a character in Just Cause: Cold Blood and Just Cause X: Global eXchange.


He was born in Australia to a military family, and he seemed to be born with a love of heavy weapons. He lived his life training to join some elusive US intelligence service that he heard of. At 20, he joined the CIA, and led a few operations before being transferred to The Agency. He quickly rose to commander with his incredible battlefield showings. He was one of the few Agency members that refused age reversal.

Events of Just Cause X: Global eXchangeEdit

While Tom Sheldon was appointed as a head of Covert Ops division and a secret overseer of the Opposition forces in Kyungastan, Keryev was put in command of the USMC elements deployed on Koska island. While "officially" all operations were conducted under command of Brigadier General O'Neill of the US Marine Corps, he only served as a "proxy" figure, leaving strategic and tactical suggestions to Keryev.

While calm and intelligent as he seemed, Commander's true intention was, in fact, revenge against his long-lost brother, colonel J.Keryev who was kidnapped and brought to Russia in his baby years by his uncle, a defector and a rogue agent.

Therefore, a battle between USMC and Russian Peacekeepers became a secret match between brothers, two strategic geniuses who both thought of each other as "traitors"

Events of Cold BloodEdit

Commander R. Keryev small arms fire

Small arms fire.

In Cold Blood, he is the "heavy weapons guy" wielding either a shotgun or heavy pistol and driving an Agency Vaultier Tasmania with roo bars and weapons in the bed. He is quite nice to Rico and relates to him as a long-serving agency member. He is spiteful of Sheele for unknown reasons.

He delivers a final blow to some giant spider mech in Cold Blood: Volume 2.

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