The Civadier Epique Type IV is a race car in fiction by GMRE.
Civadier Epique Type IV (left side)

At the Brooklands track (England) in 1911.


It's a high-end race car from the 1910s. The rear wheels are powered through a chain drive (look near the wheel). The engine was so tall that the mechanic had to assist the driver by telling him what he saw on the other side.
Civadier Epique Type IV (right front corner)

The cylinder measurements are said to have been 80 x 280 mm, for a capacity of 5.6 liters.


Maximum speed was 155 km/h.

Cornering would have been very scary due to the high center of mass, so unless the track was straight, or an angled oval, it would have had a relatively low average speed in comparison to the more usual vehicles.

Versions and locationsEdit

It's parked at some racecar museum, next to a race track. It's possible to find differently colored versions depending on when the player arrives.


  • The pictured vehicle is really called "Lion-Peugeot VX5" and it's from about 1911. It was used until 1914. Back then race cars were already limited by strange rules. Back then nobody really knew how to measure the power of internal combustion engines in a way that wouldn't limit vehicle designs too much, so at some point there was a rule that limited the total bore of the cylinders. This meant that engines either needed a large number of small pistons that would work at very high revolutions per minute, or a small number of tall ones. Some cars actually had as many as 24 small cylinders (which resulted in poor reliability). This vehicle had a single very tall cylinder. A few years later, engine power was measured in the combined capacity of the cylinders, which finally resulted in the "conventional" engine shapes we know today.
  • For more info on the real "Lion-Peugeot VX5", see this site (in polish) (translator site), or read the book "Motor Racing The Early Years" (ISBN 3-8331-1354-5).
  • The land speed record of 1914 was 199.7 km/h, but that was achieved with some 21.5 liter straight 4 that made 200 hp (150 kW).
  • At the time of writing, this is the oldest race car on this wiki.



The Lion-Peugeot VX5 is too rare for there to be any videos of it, but the following should give an idea of what it was like.

Motor Racing (1900-1909)

Motor Racing (1900-1909)

The first "Indy 500" race held on May 30, 1911.

The First Indy 500 Race

The First Indy 500 Race

A similar age car is being restored. They start the engine at about 1:50.

FIAT S76 - Beast of Turin trailer

FIAT S76 - Beast of Turin trailer

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