The Canine Series Field Robots are a series of quadruped field robots in Just Cause Unity.


The Canine Series is a series of robots designed as troop assistance on the field. They are useful for transporting equipment or even fighting using a mounted LMG. They were designed by MAASG in 2011, entering mass production in 2018. Military forces across the world realised the potential of the "Dogs" and they were soon widespread.


Canine D-24 SpanielEdit

Canine D-24 Spaniel

The "Spaniel"; the most basic model.

The D-24 is the most basic model, only being useful for equipment transport and being bullied by MAASG employees. Though the D-24 can be ridden like a horse, it is a lot more practical to use a conventional vehicle.

Canine D-12 LabradorEdit

Canine D-12 Labrador


The D-12 is used as a debris cleaner, basic mechanic and melee killer. It is used mostly as a basic mechanic, as it can use it's hand/claw to pick up and use items. It is not programmed to use a weapon. It was the showboat for the Canine as it was the hardest for MAASG to master.

Canine D-89 PitbullEdit

Canine D-89 Pitbull


The D-89 is used as a soldier with a mounted Urga Vdova 89 machine gun, it is the second most common Canine bot as it is the most useful, being able to do what the Spaniel can do and shoot people. It is most effective when swarming the enemy with this variation. It has a simple aiming program, so it's not that accurate.


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