The CS TR-550 Demonslayer (full name Capstone Technical Revolver 5-series .50 Demonslayer) is a weapon in Just Cause Unity.


The TR-550 Demonslayer is a revolver that is incredibly popular among many military forces. The gun uses .50 Cal "Beowulf" ammo, and uses the same chassis as the comparably petite CS TR-544 Fallen Angel, but it is heavily modified to host these powerful bullets. The gun can be carried dual-wielded by someone who is very strong, but a weak persons arm would snap in two if fired in one hand. It has "Slaying demons since 2001" engraved on the wooden grip, and Keryev has one that says "End of Rias" on the barrel. A rare spawn is in the back of some Harris-Keryev Royal Runner muscle cars.


Excellent, with Rico being able to fire two very strong bullets at once. Even top-draw revolvers like The Little General are no match for the Demonslayer. Ammo is quite common as well, often being found in weapons cabinets and in the pockets of elites. The only issue is that is rather inaccurate.