The Bering I-92P-200 is a wide body passenger plane in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"Born out of Bering during the collapse of the Soviet Union as an attempt to improve luxuries for citizens, although this and many other vehicles made at the time were not enough, the USSR collapsing while I-92 production thrived. It was originally equipped with Russian built engines, but they were of a low quality, as they were rushed since there were no available engines besides those on the ageing I-86. The engines were later replaced with British engines used in the Eubus Aeroliner 464, also bearing a striking resemblance to the mentioned aircraft." - In-game description.


It seems to take it's fuselage directly from an Ilyushin Il-96, but instead of two engines in each wing, it has one large one on each, taken from the Boeing 777, and has landing gear from an Airbus A340.

there are three passenger liveries, Ilmastointi Hjallesund, Panau Air, Avakompanii and aero Medici. A military version can rarely be found, most likely a VIP transport.

It has a realistic lighting system that is able to be enabled or disabled, although the marker lights will always be on unless the engines are turned off on ground. There are a set of lights that will light up the airline's logo on the tail and sides. There is also a windowless cargo variant, although no doors can be opened. It can spawn in white or Aviakompanii colours.


The aircraft feels very powerful, especially when having the largest engines of any aircraft in the game. It accelerates quickly, and is faster at higher altitudes. It is slow but smooth on pitch, yaw and roll, making for an easy plane to fly, although it does pitch. It is good on airbrakes, but the wheel brakes are sometimes so powerful that the plane starts to tip backward (if reversing).


  • At large civilian airports.
    • Hjallesund International Airport.
    • ?
  • In air traffic around the Hjallesund Isles.
  • Military version in some missions.


  • This could be Panau Air's replacement for the Aeroliner 474 as their international operating aircraft.
  • It's made by Bering.
  • Like most planes in Just Cause: Hjallesund, the speedometer displays a speed much higher than the aircraft is actually travelling, but this is most likely due to game limits.


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