Amaanullah al-Kazemi is a character and assassination target in QWTF spy's JC4.


Kazemi was born in 1930, in the city of Kahnushahr.

Kazemi was gifted in the arts of engineering and became a child prodigy.

He went to university around the age of 20 in the early 50s, he graduated with a PhD in physics and engineering in 1954, a year before the civil war.

Around 1955, the civil war had begun. Kazemi joined the war in the hopes of gaining a better position.

Once the civil war ended in 1959, he was hired by the new democratic government on a nuclear weapons program.

He started making nuclear warheads and each test was a success.

He was also responsible for the design of the Drug Tower that was made for the development of chemical weapons and psychedelic drug type weapons out in the sea. However, the tower closed down in 1979 and years later, in a DLC, became home to zombies.

He was laid off in 1999 after the democratic government closed the Nuclear Weapons program.

However, after Said Farrah's rise to power in 2007. He was re-hired to again make nuclear weapons under the guise of nuclear reactor program. The 84-year-old Kazemi was now the target of the factions.

He died in 2014, he was killed by Rico in Vazhalla.

Ways to Assassinate KazemiEdit

You must enter a pipeline to gain entrance to Kazemi's lab.

After that, you can go guns blazing or use stealth. Since the guns blazing option will just alert everyone and call in reinforcements. It's better to use the stealth option.

Once you found Kazemi, you can take out while no one is looking or shoot an exposed acid pipe and that will kill Kazemi. After Kazemi is dead, you must exit his lab and leave Vazhalla. After that, you will be paid for Kazemi's assassination.


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