The Adler RMG M-98 is a weapon in Fiction by GMRE.
Big rotary gun

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Unlike the normal miniguns, this weapon only has 3 barrels and is not meant to be fired at thousands of rounds per minute. The idea is that all normal MGs and rifles run out of ammunition too quickly and it's inconvenient to have to replace magazines all the time. This MG has all the ammunition in a box that's carried on ones back. It has 3 barrels, just in case someone does feel the need to fire like 500 shots in the same burst.

Carrying this weapon eliminates the ability to carry other two-handed weapons.


It can fire single shots when needed, but it's advised to fire short bursts, or something. It's the kind of a weapon that may be found on vehicle turrets, and unlike the more famous miniguns, is not too heavy to carry for most soldiers. The ammunition container can hold about 1500 bullets.


  • A few elite soldiers should carry these at some remote outposts.
  • If there should be any special forces units, it would make sense if some of them would have this.